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Noobish's TEF Guide

What's this about?

In this guide, I'll cover everything you need to know about buying portable TEF668x receivers from AliExpress.
I provide details for each tuner and offer a general review, including pricing, to help you choose the best TEF for your needs.
Please remember, I'm not responsible for your purchasing decisions.

Current AliExpress coupons:

These discount coupons will be active from 1th of June

Code Discount
24SC04 €4 off (above €29)
24SC08 €8 off (above €59)
24SC12 €12 off (above €89)
24SC20 €20 off (above €139)
24SC50 €50 off (above €299)
24SC80 €80 off (above €499)

If you spot a new model or have more information about the existing ones, contact me here.

Last update:
30th May 2024